Thursday, 24 November 2011

My Flower Garden

So I decided to dig up a space on the side of our house and turn it into a flower garden. I wanted to have cut flowers in my house all throughout the summer and I don't like paying stupid prices for flowers so I thought this would be a great project for me.

(This was it a few weeks ago)

It was tricky because I had to find flowers that could do with park shade and I find all the common ones seem to like a lot of sun (any suggestions of something you love I'm all ears).

I started buying the flowers pretty late but I think they'll hold over winter (I only really buy perennials. I feel like I'm wasting my money on most annuals). I got a lot of really great deals and even got one that looked totally dead (for free) and I've nursed it back to health which I am very excited about!

I thought to keep myself organized and to plant things in the best places I better do myself up a plan. And now I figure I'd do a post about all the flowers I'm growing. I think I'm likely more excited about doing this post them most of you would be about reading it but it's my blog, and it's here for me to express myself so I'm going for it. (I love doing posts like this where in a year I can look back and see how much things have grown!! So satisfying!).

I've put together a little before and after sort of thing. I've found pictures of each of my plants in bloom and then I've taken pictures of what they look like right now.

Daffodils (Just planted the bulbs)

Bleeding Heart (There are a lot of roots the ground, it's going to be large next year)


Lamb's Ear (No not a flower but I thought it would add a little something to the area)




Hybrid Golden Rod

Fox Glove
Aster "Alpinus" dark Beauty

Habenera white/red Tipsbells

Monk Shood

Drumstick Thrift

Sea Holly

Pink Cone Flowers

Three Flowering Avens


Snow Cap

 St. Brigid Anemone
(I will be planting the bulbs in spring because they don't winter well around here, it's too cold)

Sun Lover Tulipas
(just planted the bulbs!)

(just planted the bulbs!)

Clustered Bell-flower


White Daisies

Chinese Lanterns
(I planted these somewhere else but I'm going to start some from seeds again next spring and plant them in the flower patch)

Lily of the Valley
Pink Lily

Jacob's Ladder

Dame's Rocket Mix

Tiger Lily
Chinese Astibe

Wow, I have a lot more plants then I realized! It's going to be so pretty next year!! I can't wait to show you more photos then!

(I also have this fern that's going to spread and fill in some of the empty spots. It's already got five new shots growing so now it just needs time)

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