Friday, 10 February 2012

I Have an Odd Love for Bird Houses

So now that we have a house I’m all over doing things in the yard. I’ve written about all sorts of other garden things but now I am trying to decide on bird houses! So here I am with my top picks for a bird house. What do you think? I really like the all wood ones (I’m a sucker for beautiful hard woods...weird fetish, I know) but then a modern one might be nice too...Decisions, decisions.
(These ones above are a great way to reuse some wood that you might have otherwise thrown out right?)
I think these ones are super cool. What a need idea.
And of course, why didn't we think of this sooner? It's for a bird...a bird cut out...duh!
I really like this one, it's sort of tropical right?
I really like these! A little rustic right? Sort of country.
I'm not sure why but these remind me of candy...Maybe M&M's? Yummy!
And of course a classic.


  1. I LOVe birdhouses - make my own though out of scrap wood we have around. Made some out of old barn wood and had chickadees nest in one this past year. I am quite surprised at how many photos you posted show perches on the houses. Perches are generally considered a no-no on birdhouses as it allows the pest birds to get in, not the ones you actually want. The ones you want to attract don't need perches. None of my houses have perches and so far it has worked just fine! Just a thought to consider.

  2. Is that a Cairn in the picture with you?

  3. yes, that's my dog Ollie. he's half cairn, half yorkie


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