Monday, 13 February 2012

A little surprise from my zz plant

I bought this plant as soon as I saw it. A friend of mine has one and it's just so beautiful. It's a prehistoric plant and has handled so much but is still is around so it interests me even more because of it's resilience.

It's supposed to be a slow grower but I read that it can handle any lighting condition but the closer it is to the light the more it will grow. I thought I'd give that theory or thought a try so I put it about 2 feet from the window. Two months went by and nothing really happened (that I could see) but then one morning when checking on all my plants, for watering, I noticed all of this new growth. In total there were 6 new stalks coming up!! I couldn't have been more thrilled and went crazy taking picture. The stalks are now fully grown but still have a lighter green colouring to them (I'll take some pictures of that soon) and now, over the weekend, I spotted another stalk coming up.

I love getting to see things grow and know that I did a part to help it along. If you're looking for a great house plant try and get yourself a zz plant.

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  1. I have seen these and wondered what they were! Thanks for cluing me in! I would love it if you would come link up with Busy Monday (through Thursdays) at A Pinch of Joy, a linky party for ideas that make life better, easier and more fun!


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