Monday, 9 April 2012

Night Stands, At Last!!

So we finally found night stands! We've been looking at every furniture store we come across. I've looked online at every site I can think of and we still didn't find anything for so long (well, we found lots that we liked, but $400 a night stand wasn't really part of the plan or budget).

We were in IKEA the other day in Vancouver and we looked at everything that either was a night stand or could be used or converted into a night stands. Finally we decided on these and decided that we could just spray paint them the color we wanted (silver) and for $20 a stand and $8 for the spray paint how could you go wrong?

This makes it look like Marshall did all the putting together. He was just tightening them after I put them together :)

I made the mistake of spray painting indoors. It was -18C so doing it outside was not going to happen but I guess I underestimated how far the spray would go because afterward I had a nice frame around the garbage can you see with drift wood in it and the sheets I lay down to avoid getting spray paint everywhere! Thankfully mom had some good advice and with some Goo Gone and a kitchen clothe from Norwex I got all of the spray paint off the hardwood and my feet! (because at first I forgot to put shoes on)

I think they turned out pretty good! (It's a little hard to tell in the photo but there's enough paint to coat the stands well but not enough so that the wood grain is totally gone. It gives it a nice mix between the metal/metallic with still a natural wood element in there) Now I just want to find matching lambs to go on top! I can't wait to have a totally finished bedroom!

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