Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Zone 3 Flowers: Daffodils

Description:  Daffodils bring cheer to the spring garden with abundant flowers in hues of yellow, white, pink, and salmon. Varieties are available in a range of sizes and forms. Flowers may be single or double, grow singly on a stem or with multiple flowers per stem. Other common names include jonquil and narcissus.

Hardy: Zone 3

Bloom Time: Spring

Height: 6'' - 20''

Spacing: Space bulbs 4 to 6 inches apart, 4 inches deep. Water thoroughly after planting.

Sun Needs: Full to part shade

Water Needs: Medium

Outstanding Features: Easy care/low maintenance, multiplies readily

Uses: Cut flowers, showy in the garden

Tips: Keep the daffodil bed watered during dry spells in the fall. After plants are finished flowering in spring, cut back flower stalks but allow the leaves to die back naturally, hiding the unsightly foliage with annual or perennial plantings. An annual application of compost should provide adequate nutrients. Every 5 to 10 years, divide the clumps of bulbs in early summer.

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