Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Zone 3 Flowers: Sea Holly

This is what mine looked like last year when fall hit. I did plant it pretty late in the season.

Description: Sea hollies resemble teasels, with compact heads of long-lasting, small blossoms surrounded by spiny petals that are actually leaves, or bracts. They belong to the carrot family, as evidenced by their thick taproots. The genus is an ancient Greek name for a species of Eryngium.

Hardy: Zone 3

Bloom Time: July - August

Height: 1' - 3'

Spacing: 1 foot apart

Sun Needs: Full sun 

Water Needs: Low

Outstanding Features:  Interesting bold look for gardens, spiky leaves make the flowers pop in the garden and your flower arrangements.

Uses: For a bold stroke in the formal garden or a fascinating addition to the wild garden, sea hollies are a good choice. The flowers are not only excellent when cut, they are also valuable when dried for winter bouquets.

Tips: Cut off flower stems when the blooming period ends in autumn. Leave the evergreen leaves.

Can be propagate from seeds or cuttings.

Pinch or cut off spent flowers to encourage a prolonged blooming period.

When using sea holly for arrangements, cut the flowers before they fully open outdoors.

Sea holly is an excellent addition to butterfly gardens.

When transplanting make sure you get enough of the long roots or the plant might not make it in it's new location. 

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