Saturday, 5 May 2012

Zone 3 Plants: Silver Feather Grass

Description: Give this grass plenty of room! The tall, variegated Japanese silvergrass, ‘Silver Feather, originates from eastern Asia and has a graceful arching habit. Its long slender blades are dark green with razor thin white midribs and turn a beautiful wheat color in autumn. In the late summer to fall, Miscanthus sinesis 'Silberfeder' produces large feathery, silvery-pink plumes that stand well above the arching foliage and remain attractive throughout winter.

Hardy: Zone 4 (most people can grow it in zone 3) 

Bloom Time: Looks great all the time!

Height: 6'-8'

Spacing: 6' (spreads 4'-5' wide)

Sun Needs: Sun to part shade

Water Needs: Low

Outstanding Features: Great all through the year, looks wonderful cut and dried or mixed in in flower arrangements.

Uses: Specimen or mass in beds, borders, water margins or as a screen. Provides winter interest.

Tips: This plant is rabbit and deer resistant

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