Friday, 24 August 2012

How To Cure Dry Skin

Do you know that there are some harmful ingredients that can irritate and cause allergic reactions and actually make your dry skin worse? The fact is there are dangerous toxins amongst many makeup and skincare solutions.

For example there are parabens used that can prolong the shelf-life of a product. But unfortunately, paraben is a major cause of cancer in later years of your life.

There are many other bad ingredients in most skin care (just try and read the labels and see how many of them aren’t chemicals!) but instead of listing them all here are some options:

I would strongly recommend you opt only for natural ingredients such as those that come from plant roots, herbs, flowers, trees or seeds in them.

Some examples of the best pure, botanical oils include almond, camphor, lime, avocado, olive and juniper oil. Research has shown that these powerful plants extracts can help to make your skin become smoother, younger and fresh looking.

Some sites with good options:

Tips: If you want wanting to up the moisture in your skin but putting on lotions isn’t enough try taking a bath but put a bite of olive oil or almond oil in the water with you!

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