Thursday, 15 November 2012

How to care for Venus Fly Trap

I recently got a Venus fly trap and it went from doing well to "dead" within a week and I was really frustrating. I'm usually really good with plants and I'm still not totally sure what happened. Long story short I left it hoping it would start some new growth. Right when I was going to bring it back to the store I saw hope; a couple of new steams. I'm leaving it but I thought I'd do a little more research.

This video is very helpful but here are some basic tips as well:

1) Put it in a bright place - 6 hours of sun a day
2) Lots of humidity! 70-80%!
3) A good idea is to put it in a terrarium, or tall vase to keep the humidity in
4) Don't try to feed it yourself with "people" food
5) Only give this plant distilled or rain water 

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