Saturday, 17 August 2013

Plant Care: Norfolk Island Pine

I love this plant! I bought one and got an amazing deal at $14 but like it says below, it's a slow grower so I'm waiting and waiting for it to get bigger! There's some growth but it sure is taking it's time! 

Common Name: Norfolk Island Pine
Scientific Name: Araucaria heterophylla
Lighting: Moderate
Watering: Moderate to Low

The Norfolk Island Pine prefers medium lighting so keep the plant within 5 - 8 feet of a window. The plant also prefers cooler household temperatures in general. Watering this houseplant is also quite simple. Water thoroughly once a week or when the soil becomes dry to touch and be sure to discard the extra water in the drain pan after a half hour or so. Also, I have found this houseplant prefers to be watered at the same time week after week. The Norfolk Island Pine also requires high humidity levels, so if humidity is low in your home, be sure to mist the plant with cool water at least once a week.

If the needles begin to fall, it may be 1 of many reasons. The first to check is that you are not over or under watering the plant. Secondly, be sure the pine is receiving enough sunlight, so you may want to try and move it closer to a window.

The Norfolk Island Pine is a medium to low maintenance houseplant, plus with its attractive appearance makes a great addition to any plant room. The only down side to this popular houseplant is that it is a slow grower so be sure to purchase the size you prefer.

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