Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Kalanchoe Plant Care

Water: Water kalanchoe only after the top 2 to 3 inches of soil has dried. Avoid over-watering the plant, as it will quickly succumb to root rot.

Light: They prefer full sun but will also do well in a situation with very high light. If grown for very long without enough light, they become leggy and weak.

Temperature: They are perfectly happy in the same temperatures that we like indoors, but can tolerate temperatures down to around 50ยบ.

Humidity: Since they are succulents, they do not need as much humidity as most houseplants. They do well with average indoor humidity.

Soil: A fast-draining soil is important. The kind that is sold for cactus is ideal.

Grooming: Only to remove dead leaves or flowers. If the leaves get dusty, clean them with a gentle shower of water. 

Propagated: Like all succulents, they are propagated by cuttings. Take stem cuttings in spring or summer and allow them to dry for several days (large cuttings for a week or two) before putting them into well-drained potting soil. Water sparingly and do not cover the plants to raise the humidity. They rot very easily if over-watered.

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