Thursday, 10 May 2012

New to my gardens this year

colorful poppies picture.jpg
(I have three plants of the standard red Oriental poppies and I love how beautiful they are so I thought I'd try out a different type. I planted these in the front garden)

Dianthus (Blue Hills)
(I planted this in the front garden)
 (Planted it on the south side of the house)

Coral Bell (started from seed, not too sure where I'm going to plant them yet) 

Pasque Flower
I bought three of these and put them right in the front garden. (One purple, 2 in white)

(got this with a gift card, it's always nice to get "free" stuff! I planted this in the front garden as well) 

(The one I planted last year doesn't seem to be doing much so I thought I'd get another one. I planted it in a sunnier location in my flower garden)

Some more sedum/Stonecrop
(I planted this in my side garden, on the north side where my veggies grow)

(I know I got one last year, but that's another that doesn't seem to be coming back this year. I think I just planted a couple of things too late)

Coral Bell
(I planted this along the tenant's side of the house, around their patio. It was pretty sad there, and we're putting in a fence so I wanted to have it a little prettier when it's all said and done)

Primula vialii
Spike Primrose
(A new addition to the flower garden)

Centaurea "Amethyst in snow"
I planted this in the front garden and in the back along the fence)
(The one on the far right for some reason wasn't growing as well so I added to it from the other three. Not it's just in that droopy stage before it gets rooted)

red bee balm flowers, monarda didyma
Bee Balm
(New in the flower garden)

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