Friday, 4 May 2012

Zone 3 Flowers: Iris

Iris Flower Wallpapers

Description: With their ease of growth and colorful displays, Irises are ideal perennials for most gardeners. In the late spring to early summer they produce stately, showy blooms in a wide array of colorations and textures. Nearly every color of the rainbow is represented and the petals of the various cultivars range from plush velvet to the finest silk textures and satisfy a wide range of tastes.

Hardy: Zone 3

Bloom Time: Spring (for 3-4 weeks)

Height:  Miniature Dwarf (up to 8 inches) Standard Dwarf (8 to 15 inches) Miniature Tall (16 to 25 inches) Intermediate (16 to 27 inches) Tall (28+ inches)

Spacing: 4''-5'' apart

Sun Needs: Full sun (4-6 hours a day)

Water Needs: Medium

Outstanding Features: Bearded Iris can be grown in containers for indoor or outdoor uses. The flowers are commonly used as dried flowers or in cut flower arrangements. These tough plants are also resistant to various critters including deer and rabbits.

Uses: Boarder garden, flower garden, cut flower (if you have the right variety. Bearded Irises work well as cut flowers)

Tips: Iris should be planted so the tops of the rhizomes are exposed and the roots are spread out facing downward in the soil. Bloom stems should be cut off close to the ground after blooming. Healthy green leaves should be left undisturbed, but diseased or brown leaves should be removed.

You can find some great Iris info here and here.

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